Sunhsine Tobacco


Sunshine Tobacco  is a company that was established in 2007 and is based in Miami, Florida. Sunshine Tobacco has introduced several innovative and popular tobacco products to the market, but it does not sell directly to that market and only conducts business with wholesalers and licensed distributors throughout the nation.Sunshine Tobacco was founded first and foremost with the goal tobacco products that are of high quality and distinct from the other options on the market. The current political and social climate, however, often fosters a tobacco market that is unfriendly to the consumer; therefore, Sunshine Tobacco was also created with the goal of providing customers with the best possible prices possible.


Achieving a balance between price and quality is not any easy endeavor. Nevertheless, Sunshine Tobacco makes a guarantee to its loyal customers and vendors that it will never cut corners or use inferior materials in order to maintain its competitive pricing. The pricing may be what makes Sunshine Tobacco such an attractive option initially, but the company knows that quality is what earns it loyalty.


The team at Sunshine Tobacco takes the concept of earning brand loyalty very seriously, which is why it strives so diligently to uphold its standards for exceptional customer service and vendor support. Sunshine Tobacco wants to make it easy to buy and sell its products and to enjoy smoking them. If a customer or vendor is unsatisfied in any way, they should feel free to call and discuss it.


Sunshine Tobacco manufactures a wide range of products; two of its most popular are Bella Filtered Cigars. Bella Filtered Cigars were introduced for women smokers but soon became popular among men and feature cigarette flavors like full, light and menthol.


Sunshine Tobacco also distributes products that it does not directly manufacture; two of the most popular are Wrangler Filtered Cigars and Vaquero Filtered Cigars. Both options are available in a wide range of distinct flavors and sold in singles, packs and cartons.


The Sunshine Tobacco team hopes that all cigar lovers will consider trying their products. Every team member is confident that consumers who try Sunshine Tobacco cigars will fall in love with them and continue to smoke them because of the incredible flavor, aroma and value that they provide.